Aurélien Roux

Professor, Biochemistry Department, University of Geneva

Aurélien Roux studied biology at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France (1997-1999), with a minor in Physics. He did a Master of Physics, University Denis Diderot, Paris (1999-2000). As a Ph.D student (Curie Institute, Paris, 2000-2004) he studied how lipids can be sorted by membrane curvature (Roux et al., EMBOj, 2005). He then did his post-doctoral work with Pietro de Camilli (2004-2007, Yale, USA), reconstituting in vitro dynamin mediated membrane fission (Roux et al., Nature 2006). More recently, as CNRS staff scientist (Institut Curie, Paris, 2007-2010) and assistant professor of Biochemistry, Geneva (2010-2015), he continued his work on dynamin (Morlot et al., Cell 2012) expanding it to other fission proteins (Chiaruttini et al., Cell 2015). Since 2016, he is a tenured associate professor at Unige, and started working on epithelium mechanics.