Francesco Petrini

Founder, CEO - SensArs- Neuroprosthetics

Francesco  is a biomedical engineer (University of Rome TorVergata) with a PhD in neural engineering (University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome). During his studies, he has visited for more than two years the most important technological schools of Europe, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) and Imperial College of London, receiving certificates for business and management competencies. Francesco has worked at the business development during the first steps of the start-up SensArs – Neuroprosthetics: IPs preparation and filing, non-dilutive funds raising, business plan preparation. During his entrepreneurial activity he was awarded with several prizes and grants: Brain Forum start-up award (2015), Best 3 IROS start-up award (2015), Innogrant (2014), IMD award (2015), Spin-fund (2015), Venture Kick I, II & III (2016), top 25 Venture (2016), Fet Launchpad (2017), SME-instrument phase I (2017). He has been for 2 years the manager of the SCRIPT European project for San Raffaele Pisana (Rome) and he has worked within several relevant European projects (TIME, EPIONE, NEBIAS). He holds 2 patent applications.