At any stage along the way, you may find yourself asking: am I heading in the right direction? What do I need to do next? Can I change my career path? Where to go and how to get there? Become aware, discover, identify and learn more about the many science career possibilities ahead!

The Symposium on «Careers in Science: Academia and beyond» welcomes all young scientists, struggling with these crucial questions. Our goal is to help you become more aware of the steps required for academic careers and to discover the rich diversity of non-academic career options that can follow a science education.

We wish to help you identify the skills you have acquired, which is essential to create an individualized career path. We also aim to help you develop your network by selecting as speakers a highly diversified group of talented professionals to inspire you and to connect with.

We hope you will leave this symposium with a better understanding of the many science career possibilities ahead and with concrete ideas on how to use your acquired skills  to pursue your future career steps!